Samaritan Residential Schools offer an exceptional education programme for students pursuing careers in arts, science and mathematics.

Our beautiful school campus is located in a secluded little valley, among the rolling hills of the Eastern Ghats.

Our schools' curricula and education methodology is designed with strong athletic and extra-curricular opportunities to prepare young people for success and leadership for tomorrow’s world.

Curious minds

While academic expectations are high, there is intensive support and encouragement to assist students to meet those expectations.

Samaritan provides a warm, nurturing environment that promotes emotional and academic growth in each and every student. 

Curious minds

We place as much emphasis on positive contributions to the community as on academic excellence.

Our students also receive social, emotional, physical, and spiritual guidance to an exceptional degree that sets the groundwork for a well-balanced individual.

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Based on Christian values and ethics, we teach our children the importance of exemplary character, respect for one another and righteous living.

Our students are provided a life-changing experience rooted in quality academic programs and supported by leadership responsibilities, character development and personal motivation.

Samaritan aims to mould the noble leaders of tomorrow today.

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Our mission and objectives

Our mission at Samaritan is to meet the specific needs of your children and to ensure that they receive an exceptional education.

We are dedicated to instilling discipline, dignity, integrity, commitment and the value of hard work.

We actively promote cultural diversity in our student body to enable our students to show respect and learn from one another, lessons of life.

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