Samaritan Culture
The Samaritan culture is based on family and community living. Each student who joins Samaritans becomes part of the Samaritan family. As a Samaritan, he/she is expected to come under the norm and discipline of the school with respect, regard and tolerance for each other.

All students are to be treated as equals with due respect given to brothers and sisters. Modesty, dignity and excellent behaviour towards all are learned as second nature during the entire stay of each student.  

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Beyond The Classroom
Set amidst natural settings filled with trees and a wide variety of life, the classrooms provide realistic learning environments with qualified and dedicated teachers providing personalised teaching, creating a positive atmosphere for all students to learn with interest and ease. With a busy and disciplined schedule, life on campus is an experience which transforms and equips every student to face life in the real world.

Students are housed in dormitory-type accommodations with a Chief Warden and Assistant Wardens. Students are taught to be responsible for their own belongings as well as groomed in personal etiquette, cleanliness and good behaviour towards one another. Students learn to live in a peaceful community of children from culturally diverse backgrounds and thereby equipping them to be world citizens appreciating differences and enjoying similarities between cultures.  

Creating effective learning conditions begins with the beliefs that we hold about children and about education.

Our five core beliefs of education are the driving force and the secret to Samaritans as an institution of academic excellence.

Curious minds

1.Children come first. As a residential school, we are, first, their surrogate parents who teach them true values in life and the value of sound education and the importance of moral character.  

2.Parents are our partners. Parents entrusted their most valuable possessions for us to nurture, and develop to be special and achieve great things. We are given a great responsibility to mould and change lives and each child is as precious to us as to his or her parent.  

3. Victory is in the classroom. Our faculty are teachers and parent-figures in and outside the classroom. By maintaining discipline and showing compassion, we have the key to the growth and development of each child. By being firm yet kind and compassionate, we encourage our students to accept correction and discipline and develop to be exceptional leaders.  

4. Leadership and accountability are the keys to our success. We lead by example in our teaching and our behaviour. Our accountability us to our students, to our reputation as an institution of moral integrity and academic excellence, to our parents and to God.  

5. It takes the entire community to ensure success. The success of all of our students lies in providing excellent service and support as a team. Our work brings out our unity and collaboration with one another to make our classroom and our school as an exceptional centre of learning in all all areas of academic excellence and leadership development.